Getting to know Sadriana Nieves


Robbi McKenney

Sadriana Nieves enjoying life as a Schuyler Central High School student.

David Juarez, Staff Reporter

To share our SCHS cultural diversity with our readers, Warrior News staff reporters will begin to introduce our students and share their story from their native country.

Sadriana Nieves is a sophomore at Schuyler Central High School. She is from Puerto Rico. Her favorite Puerto Rican food  is Mofongo stuffed with steak. Her favorite holiday is Christmas and Los Tres Reyes Magos. Los Tres Reyes Magos is on January 6, and she receives gifts similarly to Christmas. What she likes about school in Schuyler is how people treat each other and forgive each other. Her favorite class so far is English class. She is happy to be here in Schuyler and she has new friends in school. She would like to join the girls volleyball team.

Sadriana likes it here at Schuyler Central High School. She likes to learn with her friends. Sadriana is inspired by how teachers teach to the students or how teachers explain to the students. In her free time, she likes to read or go out with her friends. She moved to Schuyler because in Puerto Rico there was a hurricane and she lost everything. Her family wanted to come here because her father lives here and this is a safe place for her and her family.