Learning more about Jamila’s culture


Ketsia Dimpolo, Staff Reporter

The SCHS has many students with different cultures. Warrior News staff interviewed some of them to learn more about the cultures. Jamila Hore is a Muslim from Somalia and she speaks two native languages;  Somali and Arabic. Her favorite food from her native country is Sambusa. Sambusa is a fried or baked dish with a savoury filling, such as spiced potatoes, onions, peas and it originated from the Middle East.

She has never thought about going back in her country because life is better in United States. Jamila misses her family, friends, teachers and also her house back in her native country. Jamila’s favorite music is by Maxamed bk and her favorite holiday is Ramadan and Eid. Ramadan is a month of blessing marked by prayer, fasting, and charity. It’s a ninth month of the Islamic calendar and it last between 29 and 30 days. Eid is the most important Islamic celebration. It begins the weekend following Ramadan. Eid means “festival of breaking the fast” and marks the end of the fasting month of Ramadan.

Jamila likes Schuyler because it is a small city and she also likes the weather. Jamila came to United States in 2014. Before coming to Schuyler Nebraska, Jamila lived in North Carolina and Minnesota. Now we know a little bit about Jamila’s culture.