Always Smiling Fane Saleh


Photo Credit: Robbi McKenney

Fane Saleh enjoying the Tech Fair.

Edgar Herrera, Staff Reporter

Fane Saleh is from Central Republic of Africa. She lived with her mom, aunt, 4 cousins, and four siblings in Africa. Her mom was really sick in Africa so she never had the time to attend school because it was really tough where she lived. She did not like anything about Central republic of Africa because she really had nothing to do over their. There was a lot of deaths and Fane did not like that at all because “people are saying they were saving lives when in reality they are not” according to Fane.

Fane moved to Schuyler, Nebraska and now lives with her older sister, brother-in-law and two kids. She did not tell me what where her favorite foods from Central Republic of Africa were, she said that they are mostly found here in America. She also said that now that she is here she does not have any favorite food here. Fane speaks 4 language which are Arabic, Sango, and two other languages. Fane did not have any favorite African holiday, but she really liked Eid. It is the holy month of Islam. Fane’s religious custom is Ramadan that is the only one she celebrates. Ramadan is the 9th month of the muslim year, during which strict fasting is observed from sunrise to sunset.