Kenya student leaves family for a better life


Photo Credit: Robbi McKenney

Naaro Garad in Intro. to Computer class.

David Juarez, Staff Reporter

Nasro Garad started school at Schuyler Central High School in August of 2017. She is from Kenya. She came here a year ago to live with her father. Her father left Kenya in 2000 to come here to find a better job. Her mother is still in Kenya and she lives with her two children. Nasro speaks Swahili with her family. Her favorite food in Kenya is Chapati.   Chapati is made with a flour dough that is delicately coiled into a ball. When the chapati is rolled out, the coil makes the chapati flaky from within. It is then fried on a heavy iron pan, roasting slowly over a light bed of charcoal. Her favorite food here in Schuyler is hamburgers. In her free time, she likes to go outside. Her favorite sport is soccer.

One thing she likes here at school is that the teachers help the students with things that they need help in. She loves to have fun with her friends at school and she likes to sing with her friends at school. She likes to live here in Schuyler, because she has more room in her house. She likes how Schuyler is because “it’s a nice country”. She misses her mother because she is still in Kenya, Nasro has two older sisters.  She calls her mother using Facebook to talk with her and with her sisters. She has an older brother who lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife and five children.