Experiencing the American Life: Anna Misakya


Photo Credit: Carlos Salinas

Anna Misakya, Armenian foreign exchange student, attends school at Schuyler Central High School.

Edgar Herrera, News Reporter

Anna Misakya is a 17 years old, and is from Armenia. Armenia is located in Asia. Countries that are by Armenia are; Iran, Turkey, and Georgia. In Armenia, Anna lived with her parents, grandparents, and younger sister. The only language she spoke in Armenia was Armenian. It is different from the Indoeuropean languages and has nothing to do with other languages. Anna’s favorite food from Armenia was Ghapama. It is a pumpkin filled with rice and dried fruits. Anna’s favorite part of school in Armenia was when they had a long break and all the teachers and student, would go out and play different sports together.

Anna will be living in Schuyler for one school year. “I am a foreign exchange student. The program I came with is called Flex program” said Anna. In Schuyler, she lives with her host father, mother, her four host brothers and two host sisters. “I think experiencing the American life is something I enjoy about living in Nebraska the most. I can celebrate holidays like Halloween or Thanksgiving, that we do not celebrate in Armenia”. Anna’s favorite holiday in Armenia is Vardavar. It is a day in the summer where both adults and children go outside and pour water on each other. Anna really enjoys that holiday, because they all think the water is holy and it will help them repent from their sins. The religion of almost all Armenia is Apostolic Christianity. The customs that she follows are celebrating the holidays of the church and going to church. “I also like meeting new people, learning about their culture and values” stated Anna.