A Freshman’s Point of View: 1st Quarter


Photo Credit: Jacquelyn Perez

Freshmen, Yuleika Sanchez and Yanibeth Carias, enjoying their lunch together.

Jacquelyn Perez, Staff Reporter

Schuyler Central High School Freshmen are starting a new chapter in their lives as we start our high school career. Some may be a little afraid and some may be pushing others out of the way to start all the new opportunities or even just to get closer to the finish line, graduation. I, personally, was nervous and clueless because I was in a school with people I didn’t know. I think high school is kind of easier than I expected. 

High school provides more opportunities than middle school. You have more free time in classes and you learn a lot of new things. High school isn’t really hard for me for right now. It’s more fun in high school because you meet new people and you start engaging with other teachers. You also learn new skills. The classes in high school give you many opportunities to earn credits towards graduating. Participating in new activities is a way to meet with new people around you. 

My opinion of high school is that it’s great and fun. You start learning new things in each class you have. Learning new things in high school is a good thing, because you have more opportunities to get a good job in the future. When you start high school as a freshman, it’s confusing where classes are and where you’re supposed to be. Thankfully in the end it gets easier and easier.