Looking back at my Freshman year.


Photo Credit: Yearbook Staff

Austin Balsley, freshman, getting hyped up by the 21-22 Football team after winning Focus Dance Off.

Jakelin Ortega, Staff Reporter

Freshman year is basically almost over and what a heck of an experience. My eighth grade self thought, “I’m going to be a high schooler next year.’’ I had many things envisioned that would happen. When I thought about being with upper classmen, I was nervous. I just kept overthinking situations that just absolutely never happened. High School is a place where you have more opportunities than before. You make new friends, socialize more with people. You won’t grow if you stay in your comfort zone, so go for it. Go have fun, go make memories. 

My advice to next year’s freshmen is to get involved in sports, activities, and classes. There are more classes you could find a passion for. There’s certain classes that are fun and exciting that you will look forward to. Each class you are in you will learn something you could potentially use in the future. You learn more about yourself and the things you enjoy doing. Work hard, put your best effort, Don’t slack off. Focus on your grades and passing your classes. Complete your assigned assignments on time. You definitely learn something new in each class. At the beginning of the school year you will overthink every little thing, but as time goes on you will get used to it. Towards the end you get the hang of it and it just gets easier time assignments get easier for you. Time flies and once you know it, the school year has ended.