A Freshman’s Point of View: 4th Quarter


Photo Credit: Caitlin Kronberg

Student wearing 20-21 Covid Mask.

Jacquelyn Perez, Staff Reporter

Schuyler Central High School Freshmen are ending a new chapter in their lives as we are getting closer to the end of the school year. Many of us are excited to end our freshman year, but some of us are sad that we are getting closer to the finish line, graduation. I personally was nervous in the beginning of the school year because I was in school with people I didn’t know. As a freshman, I’ve gotten used to high school. High school is easier if you try and put hard work into your classes and assignments. I’ve gotten used to my new surroundings and my classes. 

High school is a way for students to experience communication and hard work, which is used in future jobs. High school provides many opportunities for students to participate in extracurricular activities. As a freshman, I had fun joining a sport that was one of my interests. I also learned to be more responsible and punctual for my classes. Participating in new activities is a way to meet with new people around you. You also learn new skills.

My opinion for last quarter for freshman year is it gets easier in the end. You start doing complicated assignments and also you start tests. This year went real quick for my freshman year. My freshman year was good. It was better than last year because I got to finish school without ending our school year with quarantine. Learning new things was another reason why I liked my freshmen year. I learned that if you don’t try with your work you will fail, but if you listen and take your time on exams and turn in your assignments your grades will be better than you expect. In the end, everything will come with a reward if you put your hard work into it.