Illness rates soar at Schuyler Community Schools


Photo Credit: Yearbook Staff

Currently masks are required for students and staff.

Melani Alarcon, Staff Reporter

Student illness at Schuyler Community Schools is skyrocketing. The jump in percent of illness across the school district went from 3.03% December 15th  to 6.91% January 5th.  According to Cori Vavricek, a nurse at Schuyler Central High School for 2 years, the increase in illness is due to Covid and other illnesses. The school is following the Covid-19 response tiered operational zones approved by the school board.

Masks are now required because 8% of the district was ill January 10th. That means that all staff and students are required to wear masks at school. Mrs. Vavricek explains that the school is now at the orange/elevated phase. At the orange phase, students will be required to wear masks. SCHS will only move to remote learning if the school reaches the red phase of the operational zone. The rate has to be at 11% for that to happen. The Schuyler Community Schools website has a district illness percent which updates every Wednesday and also has the prior weeks listed. The percentage number only includes students.  In Mrs. Vavricek’s opinion, the cause of the spike in the illness is due to increase of Covid and Strep Throat. Also, the Flu is becoming present. The information for those percentages can be found on the Schuyler Community Schools website. The school will continue to watch the numbers.