The Beginning Of The End

Erik Hernandez, Staff Reporter

Graduation fees, agonizing pondering about the foreseeable future, and quite simply the meditation over life as an adult are all things at the epicenter of Seniors’ minds. The school year has begun and the stress and common worries of seniors already encroaches on numerous Seniors’ sanity.

Graduation caps, graduation gowns, and senior photos are all expenses that vary upon every individual. Constantly and persistently, Seniors’ heads are bombarded with frustrating thoughts about paying for graduation expenses or more importantly, the cost of continuing their education. I myself being a senior know that graduation fees will be an aggravating inconvenience. I thoroughly believe that it is something many, if not the broad majority of seniors, can’t cease to think about.

It’s just another Fall approaching, or to others the beginning of the end of a cycle. Life after high school might be nerve-racking and an excessively daunting task to ponder about, whether your path is college, university, trade school, or the workforce you have likely spent many hours reflecting on how successful or eventful your life will be. The predominant amount of us grew up wishing school would swiftly fly by. However, now we ask fate for more time.

Repentance and remorse is a pair of feelings that some Seniors might be feeling over their lack of participation in extracurricular activities. Regret over absence in sports or clubs is very common among Seniors. Many of whom may feel as if their opportunities have swept by and are now far gone. However, redemption is very achievable and can be obtained easily as long as they sincerely desire and covet their goal.

Many students may be seeing this year as the last chance to redeem, earn awards, or join activities, but others see it as an obstacle to get past hastily and proceed on to the ensuing events and plot of their life.