Fishers’ students temporarily relocated to Richland

Fishers School

Photo Credit: Schuyler Community Schools Website

Fishers School

Erik Hernandez, Staff Reporter

Since October 15th, Fishers 24 or “the pink school” as some locals refer to it, had no running water. Fishers School is part of the Schuyler Community School District. According to Ron Mundi, the Director of Facilities for the Schuyler Community Schools District, the setback was attributed to a malfunctioning water pump and collapsed casing. This led to the temporary halting of classes at the Fishers facility and relocation of classes. On October 22nd, the Schuyler Community School District commenced busing ten staff members and sixty-seven students from Fishers School to the Richland school.

The faulty water pump was installed in 1967 when the building was built, and it “wore out.” The complication will be resolved by drilling a new well and installing a new water pump. Mundil stated,”With all of the permits and state statutes with water testing, we are hoping to be completed by January 7th, 2019.”

The school district contracted the construction company, JEO, to conduct the necessary engineering to produce a new well for Fishers 24. The school district has permission from the State of Nebraska to dig the well on a corner of the school’s land. However, they do not have approved engineering specifications for the water well. The school district has put out a request for proposal to well companies interested in digging a new well and connecting it to the building’s interior facilities to bid the project.