Mobile Food Pantry Helps out Community


Photo Credit: Meridith Riha

Food for the mobile food pantry.

Melani Alarcon, Staff Reporter

The Mobile Food Pantry in Schuyler, Nebraska located outside the Oak Ballroom, is provided by The Food Bank of the Heartland in Omaha. The Food Bank of Heartland provides food to people in surrounding communities for free. The Mobile Food Pantry began in Schuyler due to the massive flood in 2019.  Schuyler Elementary was selected as a possible host and the school thought it would be a great resource for the Schuyler community and became partners with the food bank.

Schuyler Elementary School and Pastor Day Hefner at St. John’s Lutheran Church host the mobile food pantry together at St John’s Lutheran Church. The Mobile Food Pantry is opened at 4:00pm the second Thursday of every month and is located outside the Oak Ballroom. They are currently receiving enough food to feed 250 families in Schuyler.

 Meredith Riha, a counselor at Schuyler Elementary school, has been volunteering at the Mobile Food Pantry for four years. Mrs. Riha stated that each month they have around 5 adult volunteers and 20 student volunteers.  If you are interested in volunteering at the Mobile Food Pantry please email Mrs. Riha at [email protected] or call her at the elementary school at 402-353-9940. Mrs. Riha shared that they are always looking for adults in the Schuyler community who would like to volunteer at the Mobile Food Pantry.