Library Renovated for Events


Photo Credit: Robbi McKenny

The exterior of the Library Event Center.

Oscar Carvajal, Staff Reporter

The Library Event Center used to be the public library until it was bought by Matt Kroeger in 2019. The public library was remodeled to be suitable for hosting events. The Library Event Center is moderate size for hosting events in Schuyler.

The Library Event Center is located in downtown Schuyler. The event center opened in January 2020. Motivation is a key component when it comes to making a project into a reality, Mr. Kroeger stated, “I had a vision for the building as I didn’t want to see it sit vacant. I thought Schuyler as well as the surrounding communities had a need for a medium sized, private venue. I wanted to provide the community a nice newly renovated space at an affordable price to host events.” The event center has a certain amount of space available for guests, according to Mr. Kroeger, “Capacity per the State Fire Marshall is 280 people however our hall is best fit for 100-150 people. I have tables and chairs on site for 150 people with additional tables for food line, gift table, etc.” 

The Library Event Center can be reserved for anyone interested in hosting an event, the hall can be reserved through the Library Event Center Facebook Page, through the website, or by contacting Mr. Kroeger through a call or a text. Mr. Kroeger has been planning to host a grand opening for the event center, but due to the dates being filled up fast, there was no great time to create an official date.