Cuffs and Hoses


Photo Credit: Yearbook staff

The Cuffs and Hoses taking a pic together after the battle.

Esdras Santay, Staff Reporter

On March 19th, Schuyler Central High School hosted the Cuff and Hoses event in the west gym. At this event, the police department and fire department competed against each other in a basketball game. “The Fire department ended up winning the game 28-25,” Natalie Yrkoski, SCHS senior and daughter of a fireman, shared. According to Natalie, the purpose for the Cuffs and Hoses event was to “bring the community together” and to raise money for the police department and fire department. 

According to Fire Chief Matthew Prochaska, Officer Caleb Hammernik came up with the idea of the Cuffs and Hoses event. “This was a very fun event for all the first responders involved and we hope that it was just as fun for the community,” Chief Prochaska shared. Chief Prochaska is hoping to make Cuffs and Hoses an annual event. “If we keep getting backing from the community, we definitely will,” Chief Prochaska added. According to Chief Prochaska, the community and participants benefited from the event by the community seeing the fire and police department as “general people of the public” playing a basketball game. Chief Prochaska explained that the participants benefited from the event by bonding with each other in an environment with no stress. “It’s a good team building exercise under low pressure, stress,” Chief Prochaska added. 

Officer Hammernik also contacted the high school and worked with the Broadcasting and Media Production teacher, Robbi Mckenney, to have students create graphics and other media to help promote the event on social media. Natalie Yrkoski, also a Broadcasting student, recorded clips of the event and created a video for the enjoyment of viewers and future event promotion.