Growth of Wrestling means Growth for Schuyler


Photo Credit: Yearbook Staff

Varsity wrestler, Trey Svatora, competing at the Schuyler Invite.

Jesus Chavez, Staff Reporter

As people travel to Schuyler for events some will stop by and go to the store, grab a bite to eat, or purchase gas. Nevertheless businesses are still flourish more thanks to the good people outside of town and as long as we keep giving them a reason to come to our town it will still be growing step by step. This is where wrestling and other events play a big role in giving to the community. As families come together to watch their children wrestle, there is a large likelihood they will stop to experience some of the things Schuyler has to offer for example not only advancing our school but increasing business for the small businesses of Schuyler. 

The 2023 Schuyler Wrestling Invite was the 60th time Schuyler held the wrestling tournament. Until three years ago, the Schuyler Invite was only a one day invite, which did not include the girls. This year the invite started on Friday, January 13th at 1:30 with Girls and JV boys competing and Varsity Boys were on Saturday, January 14th. It was also the second year the girls wrestling was also able to participate in our tournament. According to Jeremy Hlavac, the Boys Wrestling Head Coach, 16 boy wrestling teams came to our school and 175 male wrestlers competed. According to Mark Wemhoff, the Girls Wrestling Head Coach, 25 schools with Girls wrestling teams attended the wrestling tournament and 168 female wrestlers competed. Coach Wemhoff explained that the quality of competition makes everyone better. “Our varsity girls had the chance to see and wrestle against some tough competition; some of our less experienced girls also had a chance to see some girls that were also their same level,” according to Coach Wemhoff. The Schuyler Girls Wrestling team took first place and the boys as a team placed 10th. “We walked away from our tournament feeling confident,” gladly shared Coach Wemhoff.