Schuyler Community receives a Mural


Photo Credit: Robbi McKenney

Volunteers pose as they finish the mural for the day.

Rosibel Soto, Staff Reporter

To many people the meaning of a mural, according to Oxford Language, is a “painting or other work of art executed directly on a wall”, but to the Schuyler community it meant more. Friday, October 21st, students, people from the communities, and the professional artists gathered to meet and draw ideas for a mural. That night artist, Oria Simonini, compiled the picture to make a plan a design for the mural. 

The mural was created in Schuyler because it’s “often a getaway destination for those immigrating to the USA,” stated artist and grant writer, Oria Simonini. The mural located at the Schuyler campground will also have the sister mural in Guatemala, where many of our citizens immigrated from in addition to Siminoni’s father. On the following Saturday from 10am – 3pm, Mike Trotter, Oria Siminoni, and volunteer students began painting the mural. They were scheduled to paint and finish it on Sunday from 10am- 3pm. However, due to the wind they finished around one and the final glaze was applied Monday.

Oria Siminoni was born in French Guiana to Argentine parents. In her early years, she spent sailing and living in Central America. Eventually, they settled in Guatemala, in an area surrounded by jungles and rivers. Later on, her family migrated to the USA, living in Nebraska throughout her teenage years. Although she moved, she never cut ties to Guatemala. She graduated from Benson High School in 2013 and was a former student of Mike Trotter, the current SCHS Art Teacher. Oria graduated and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2018 from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. Oria was the one who wrote a grant to pay to have the sister murals created.

With the help of the Schuyler citizens the mural was done in two days. With the help of the FCCLA members, the mural will have a grand opening on November 5th from 4-7pm. There will be games, food, and raffle tickets. Everyone is welcome to come check out the mural.