Ceremony signifies investment in Students’ Future


Photo Credit: Yearbook Staff

School board members and project partners in the Ground Breaking Ceremony.

Erik Hernandez, Staff Reporter

A ground-breaking ceremony was held on Monday, May 6th, in the West Gym for the construction of new facilities at Schuyler Central High School. The construction is the result of the bond that was voted on by the school district on March 12th. Ceremonial speakers were; Tim Ripp with the Clark Enerson Partners architectural company, Matt Schedt with Hausman Construction, Cody Wickham with D.A. Davickson, Principal Stephen Grammar, School Board President Richard Brabec, Superintendent Dr. Dan Hoesing, and Sheri Balak from the Schuyler Foundation. Both D.A. Davickson and Hausman Construction employ Schuyler Central High School alumni.

According to Matt Schedt, the construction of these additions to campus will be divided in two phases. The first will be constructing the commons area and gymnasium. The second will be the Fine Arts area. Cody Wickam mentioned that it is a good time to expand, because the market allows for lower interest rates. During the ceremony, Dr. Hoesing turned to the students that filled the bleachers and said, “Some people think that they passed a bond to build a building, but the bond was really passed to invest in you.”