Turkey or Safety?


Photo Credit: Betty Crocker

A golden brown turkey sits on a plate.

Caitlin Kronberg, Staff Reporter

 Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and Covid-19 is still hanging in the air. This threat makes many question whether it’s safe to have family gatherings over the holiday. Safety has to be the top priority in a pandemic. 

The Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, has set guidelines and restrictions for Thanksgiving. These rules include limiting the number of people to three households, gatherings have to be outside, and parties have to be under two hours. He also suggests sanitizing the bathrooms and to avoid shouting or singing, according to KTVB. Guidelines like these in California beg the question if similar restrictions should be put in place in other states such as Nebraska. 

One Schuyler resident, 82 year old Joan Wachel, says that her new Thanksgiving plans are looking very stark indeed. “I am very concerned about the virus”, Joan said, “We usually get together with very good friends for Thanksgiving, but she has family come from Kansas and Minnesota, so I don’t think she’ll have anything.” Joan Wachel is part of the most susceptible age group, and many officials advise this group to avoid gatherings of any kind. Alexis Fajardo, a sophomore at SCHS, says that his holiday plans haven’t changed, and that he is getting together with his family. “We’re still going to get together since we’re a small group of more than 10 less than 20.” Whether Thanksgiving plans have changed or not, the holiday season will still have the threat of Covid-19 hanging over it. The governor of California may be right to issue restrictions, but families also deserve time to spend together.