Schuyler’s Dairy Queen moves forward


Photo Credit: Robbi McKenney

The site for the upcoming Dairy Queen.

Oscar Carvajal, Staff Reporter

Dairy Queen is coming to Schuyler bringing a new restaurant and a new place to work. Dairy Queen will be located near the Schuyler Elementary School and across the street from O’Reilly Auto Parts. Dairy Queen will be hiring students from Schuyler Central High School to work as part time employees.

Dairy Queen will start hiring employees in the middle of February. Lori Avery, owner of the Schuyler Dairy Queen, stated, “Initially, we will have employment opportunities for roughly 25 high school students!” Dairy Queen has some criteria that it applies to potential employees, “When hiring any employees, I look very carefully for people that are reliable, friendly, and ready to work hard!” according to Avery. SCHS students must be sixteen or older to apply to work in Dairy Queen. The owners of Schuyler’s Dairy Queen, Lori and Steve Avery, own other Dairy Queens in different locations, “Our company’s name is Red Spoon Enterprises, LLC. We own the DQ locations in Wayne, West Point, and O’Neill.”

Dairy Queen will begin interviewing for candidates around mid-April. Dairy Queen has a tentative opening date. “We’re currently on target to open before the end of May…just in time for our favorite season!” Avery states. The upcoming Dairy Queen will contain a dining area that might be used depending on the future of the current pandemic, according to Avery, “Ideally, we’d love for our guests to be able to eat inside the restaurant when it opens, but that depends on the current state of the pandemic.” People that are interested in working at Dairy Queen will have to apply online, Avery states, “In April, we’ll promote a link to an online application for full time and part time positions. We will most likely be holding informational meetings for applicants so they can learn more about being part of a DQ team before actually applying.”